Brennus analytics

Brennus analytics

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About us
Brennus Analytics develops a SaaS solution for dynamic price optimization

Selected list of retail KPIs where Brennus analytics has an impact

Marketing e-commerce

  • Website traffic


  • footfall
  • Number of transactions
  • Average basket
  • Units per transactions
  • Conversion rate

Sales e-commerce

  • Average basket e-commerce
  • Sales e-commerce
  • Conversion rate e-commerce

Sales physical store

  • Sales per square meter

Supply Chain

  • Gross margin

Selected list of departments that might have an interest in using Brennus analytics


  • Internal Auditor
  • Finance


  • Strategy Manager

Selected list of retail objectives where Brennus analytics can contribute

Business Developpement

  • Study and Research

Product Management/ Merchandising

  • Optimization of Pricing