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Crazy Egg analyses what users are doing on your site with visual website analytics, like heat map for example, and allows website optimization

Here is an example of 5 KPIs, selected by Beamy, which are impacted by Deliveree Crazy egg :


Sales e-commerce

Average basket e-commerce

Shopping cart churn rate

Conversion rate e-commerce

Site traffic


Customer satisfaction rate

Customer loyalty rate

Point of Sale

Sales per sales advisor



Average basket

Conversion rate

Human ressource

Absenteeism rate


Time for inventory

Out of stock rate

Here are 1 departments that are likely to be interested in the solution Crazy egg :


Webmaster - content management

The solution Crazy egg allows you to achieve these objectives: :

1Analyze customer navigation on e-commerce

2Generate additionnal and cross sales on the web

3Optimize the management of your visual content