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About us
daco provides high-end strategic tools based on deep learning (artificial intelligence), helping retailers to know everything about their competition

Selected list of retail KPIs where Daco has an impact

Marketing e-commerce

  • Unique versus returning visitors rate


  • Average basket
  • Units per transactions
  • Number of transactions
  • footfall

Sales e-commerce

  • Conversion rate e-commerce
  • Average basket e-commerce

Supply Chain

  • Gross margin
  • Shipping Costs
  • Out of stock rate
  • stock level
  • Inventory integrity

Supply Chain for physical store

  • Stock coverage

Selected list of departments that might have an interest in using Daco


  • Internal Auditor
  • Finance


  • Store concept development

Store operation

  • Regional Management


  • Strategy Manager

Selected list of retail objectives where Daco can contribute

Business Developpement

  • Study and Research