Immersive robotics

Immersive robotics

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About us
Immersive robotics produces robots and offers related services to improve customer experience, alleviate work load and assist people.

Selected list of retail KPIs where Immersive robotics has an impact


  • Customer satisfaction rate


  • Units per transactions
  • Average basket
  • Customers retention rate

Supply Chain

  • Inventory integrity
  • Stock turnover rate
  • Sell through percentage
  • Inventory time
  • Out of stock rate
  • stock level

Supply Chain for physical store

  • Stock coverage

Selected list of departments that might have an interest in using Immersive robotics


  • Network and Infrastructures

Store operation

  • Store Management


  • Innovation Management

Supply Chain

  • Store logistics team

Selected list of retail objectives where Immersive robotics can contribute


  • Content management

Store Operations

  • Improve In-store customer experience

Supply Chain

  • Stock management optimization