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About us
Wiseshelf is an appliance mounted on existing retail shelves that provides real-time information regarding the stock level of each product

Selected list of retail KPIs where WiseShelf has an impact

Supply Chain

  • stock level
  • Out of stock rate
  • Inventory integrity
  • Stock turnover rate
  • shrinkage rate
  • Inventory time
  • Sell through percentage

Supply Chain for physical store

  • Shelf accuracy
  • Stock coverage

Selected list of departments that might have an interest in using WiseShelf

Buying and Merchandising

  • Merchandising Management, planner and allocator

Store operation

  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Store operation

Supply Chain

  • Store logistics team
  • Supply Chain

Selected list of retail objectives where WiseShelf can contribute

Store Operations

  • Optimize Visual Merchandising

Supply Chain

  • Stock management optimization